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Lenin and Trotsky - What they really stood for

Lenin and Trotsky - What they really stood for

Alan Woods och Ted Grant

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99,00 kr
  • Limhäftad 221 sidor
  • Bokförlaget Wellred Books 2000
  • ISBN: 8492183268

The ideas of Lenin and Trotsky are without doubt the most distorted and slandered ideas in history. For more than eighty years, they have been subjected to an onslaught from the apologists of capitalism, who have attempted to present their ideas - Bolshevism - as both totalitarian and utopian. An entire industry was developed in an attempt to equate the crimes of Stalinism with the regime of workers´ democracy that existed under Lenin and Trotsky.

On the other hand, ever since the `innovation´ of Trotskyism in 1924, the Stalinist bureaucracy has systematically falsified the real relationship between these two leaders of the Ocober Revolution.

Originally written as a reply to Monty Johnstone, a leading theoretician of the British Communist Party, it systematically demolishes all the arguments used to discredit Trotsky´s ideas and his role in the Bolshevik Party. This book uncovers the real ideas of Lenin and Trotsky.

"In 1968 I was one of the national leaders of the Young Communist League. I used to have many ding-dong arguments with Aland Woods and other `Trots` and did everything I could to undermine them. I was very pleased with our efforts in producing the ´Cogito` article on Leon Trotsky - What They Really Stood For. I read it and re-read it. The careful, honest presentation of the historical facts and political arguments led me to become a whole-hearted supported of the Maxist tendency now embodied in Socialist Appeal." - Jim Brookshaw, Chair of Young Communis League 1965-68 and YCL International Secretary 1969

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ISBN 8492183268
Språk Engelska
Förlag Wellred
Antal sidor 221
Vikt (gram) 290.0000


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