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Reformism or Revolution

Reformism or Revolution

Alan Woods

Tillgängligt: I lager

159,00 kr
  • Limhäftad 410 sidor
  • Bokförlage Wellred Books 2008
  • ISBN: 9781900007337

The declarations of Hugo Chávez in favour of socialism have provoked an important debate in Venezuela and internationally. This fact is of great importance. The collapse of the Soviet Union and the unprecedented ideological counteroffensive of the bourgeoisie against socialism, have led some to conclude that the "old" ideas of Marxism are no longer valid and that it is necessary to invent an completley new and original theory of Socialism of the 21st Century. This is what Heinz Dieterich claims to have done.

The main objective of this book is to explain the absolute relevance and validity of revolutionary Marxism. In this respect, Alan Woods writes the following in his introduction: "I write as a lifelong defender of Marxism... For almost 50 years I have made a careful study not only of all the works of the great Marxist writers of the past but also many of their critics... I have yet to find anybody of ideas that comes remotely close to displacing Marxism as a scientific tool for understanding the world in which we live."

Reformism or Revolution deals wih practically every aspect of Marxism. It is a reaffirmation of the fundamental ideas of scientific socialism and a timely refutation of the current attempts by the revisionists to "improve" it by turning it into its opposite. Togheter with Reason in Revolt, it is compulsory reading for all those who wish to understand Marxism and its relevance to today´s world.

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ISBN 9781900007337
Språk Engelska
Förlag Wellred
Antal sidor 410
Vikt (gram) 527.0000


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