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Bolshevism: The road to revolution (första upplagan)

Alan Woods

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195,00 kr
  • Limhäftad 636 sidor
  • Bokförlaget Wellred Books 1999
  • ISBN: 1 9000 07 05 3

There have been many books and potted histories of Russia, either written from an anti-Bolshevik perspective, or its Stalinist mirror image, which paint a false account of the rise of Bolshevism. For them, Bolshevism is either an historical "accident" or "tragedy", or is portrayed erroneously as the work of one great man (Lenin) who marched single-mindedly towards the October Revolution. Alan Woods, in rejecting these "theses", reveals the real evolution of Bolshevism as a living struggle to apply the method of Marxism to the peculiarities of Russia.

Using wealth of primary sources, Alan Woods uncovers the fascinating growth and development of Bolshevism in pre-revolutionary Russia. The author deals with the birth of Russian Marxism and its ideological struggle against the Narodniks and the trend of economism.

The book looks at the development of Russian Social Democracy, from its real founding Congress in 1903, which ended up with the split between Mensheviks and Bolsheviks, through to the `dress rehearsal´ of the 1905 Revolution. Here the rise of the Soviet form of organisation is explored, togheter with the transformation the party (RSDLP) from an underground organisation to one with a mass workers following. However, the defeat of the Revolution led to four years of political reaction within Russia and the near disintegration of the party. Alan Woods traces the ebb and follow of the party and the role of Lenin as its principal guiding force.

The author then explores the eventual revival of the party´s fortunes from 1910 onwards, the creation of the independent Bolshevik Party two years later, and the isolation of Marxism during the first world war. The final section of the book deals with the Bolsheviks´ emergence during the February Revolution and, after a deep internal struggle, under the leadership of Lenin and Trotsky, the Party´s eventual conquest of power in October.

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ISBN 1900007053
Språk Engelska
Förlag Wellred
Antal sidor Nej
Vikt (gram) 688.0000


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