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Not Guilty Dewey Comission Report

Not Guilty Dewey Comission Report

The Dewey Commission

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  • Limhäftad 422 sidor
  • Bokförlaget Wellred Books 2005
  • ISBN: 1900007193

The Moscow Trials, which lasted from 1936 to 1938, will go down as the greatest frame-up in history, far greater than the Spanish Inquisition. The trials, which were based on false concessions tortured from the accused, liquidated the entire Bolshevik old guard in a series of judicial murders, and were the means by which Stalin consolidated his power as head of the bureaucratic caste that ruled the Soviet Union.

Above all, Stalin wanted the head of the "arch criminal" Trotsky, the chief defendant who was accused of all kinds of lies and filth: collaboration with the Gestapo, orchestrating the assasination of prominent Soviet leaders, sabotage, etc. But Trotsky had already been driven into exile by Stalin, being forced to move from Turkey, France and Norway.

By February 1938, Trotsky´s son, Leon Sedov, was murdered by the GPU in Paris. Trotsky himself was finally hunted down and assassinated in Mexico by a Stalinist agent in August 1940.

This book contains the report of the Dewey Commission. The Commission´s hearings, which were held to investigate the charges made against Trotsky in the Moscow Trials, took place in Mexico City between 10 and 17 April 1937. The report of the Commission constitutes a devastating rebuttal of these charges and exposes the trials as a fake. "On the basis of all the evidence herein examined and all the conclusions stated," concludes the Commission, "we find Leon Trotsky and Leon Sedov not guilty."

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ISBN 1900007193
Språk Engelska
Förlag Wellred
Antal sidor 422
Vikt (gram) 570.0000


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